Looking back


6 years have already passed since releasing our EP. Back in 2010, the original 123Goat formation had recorded a 5-song EP and a lot has changed since then. A lot has improved as well. After the departure of bassist Louis-Philippe Pepin and keyboardist Dominic Robert, the future of the band was unclear. The love for music and the stubborn side of the Goat led us to find other people with whom we shared lots of common attributes.

Key note

Claude Sergerie

Following the departure of Dominic Robert, the first member to join our madness was Claude Sergerie. An all around great musician, Claude is a natural born drummer who happened to play keyboards and guitar and who is a great singer. It was a natural, no effort involved, fit. He quickly became a great replacement as a keyboardist and was on the same wavelength as us. Things didn't seem so bad after all, we thought it would take some time to find a good keyboardist as they are rare nowadays, but within a few weeks we were rolling.

The Bass is the guide

Martin Beausoleil

Things were grooving until Louis-Philippe Pepin did his last show and left for the unknown. Our priority now was to find a bassist and fast. Lurking in the neigorhood was this funky, groovy, solid bassist named Martin Beausoleil who just wanted to have fun (and this is how we all felt like too). It became rapidly an awesome relationship either on a musical or personal side. The fit was a natural one again (we had a lot of luck apparently). We started to warm up with some classic songs and it didn't take too much time to get back on our feet. We all understood where we were heading and what we all wanted. Yet, something was still missing and we didn't really know what it was...

High pitch

Kim Bourbonnière

Enter Kim Bourbonnière. We didn't see her coming. As a breath of fresh air, she started to jam with us just for fun doing back vocals (we wanted to do a show with her as a background-singer for a special occasion) and this is when it all changed. With no warning, she quickly shifted from back to front vocals (following a jam where we were grooving Babe Ruth's "The Mexican"). We had found it (or her) and like Pandora's Box, the more we played together, the more she took her place and revealed hidden talents. Her ability to blend-in vocally and to take control of the stage quickly convinced us to give her the lead and to let her be our girl. Oh, and by the way, she kicks ass on percussion.

The future is now


It has been over two years and counting since all the changes occured and it is the living proof that sometimes life gives you a curveball and the only thing you need to do is to keep singing. Just keep singing. Everything happends for a reason and you just need to roll up your sleeves and continue. What seemed to be a disastrous situation three years ago now seems to be the best thing that could have happened to us. Good grief, this is not a motivational speech but it sure sounds like it! We are working on a 123Goat 2.0 version recording as we speak. Hope we will release it soon. In the mean time, come see us if you're in the neighborhood, you might understand where we are heading now.

Take care!

In Goat we trust...